What Can A Barbecue Smoker Handle?

Barbecue smokers are not just for smoking meat twrwntm. In fact, they might even be called “food smokers.” There are some differences between smoking meat and smoking other types of food, such as the amount of time that they are smoked and the types of wood used to generate smoke and flavor.

For example, if you are smoking vegetables, you probably want to use mesquite or seaweed as the source of the smoke. Mesquite gives you a light, sweet taste, and seaweed gives you a tangy flavor. You can also use either of these when smoking meat, as well as hickory, alder, pecan, black walnut and cherry, among others. It is not advisable to use alder pecan or cherry when smoking vegetables as the flavor can be overbearing.

All types of food can be smoked in food smokers. The secret is controlling the smoke, temperature and time. This has become easier today due to some of the newer technologies. Electric smokers have digital controls, while external smoke generators allow you to control the amount of smoke that flows into the barbecue smoker or barbecue grill.

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Using a Conventional Barbecue Smoker

Imagine never again having to go to a barbecue restaurant for that singularly delicious, unparalleled smoked-meat taste. It is possible with barbecue smokers available on the market and suitable for the hobbyist cook. Conventional barbecue smokers require some preparation and a watchful eye, while electric barbecue smokers reduce the amount of effort you have to expend. Either way, the reward is melt-in-your-mouth, flavorful smoked meat.

When using a conventional barbecue smoker, necessary materials include charcoal, lighter fluid wood chips, ingredients for your favorite marinade or seasoning – and the meat of course. After marinating or otherwise seasoning the meat, you will need to prepare and start the barbecue smoker. First, fill large pan with water and slide it under the grilling surface to keep the meat moist. Soak the woodchips for 30 minutes before adding them to the firebox. Start the fire with charcoal and a bit of lighter fluid. Then wait for the smoldering coals to reach the appropriate cooking temperature of 225°F, at which point you can finally place the meat on the grilling surface of the barbecue smoker. You will need to monitor the temperature of the coals throughout the cooking process. Also, for that smoked-wood flavor, add damp woodchips to the firebox every hour, as well as more charcoal to maintain the correct temperature cytotec dosage.

Although it’s nothing compares to authentically-smoked meat, you may be daunted by the work involved in using barbecue smokers.

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Barbecue Smokers Buying Advice

You can of course enjoy some excellent results with your barbecuing if you use a grill. But if you want to enjoy BBQ flavor on a whole new level backed by a truly traditional approach to BBQ then you will most definitely want to consider what the latest barbecue smokers can do for your culinary adventures. Use the following advice as a general guide when you browse through the different models available today.

First, for those of you who still might be on the fence about buying a BBQ smoker versus sticking with a traditional BBQ grill, it’s important for you to understand that a smoker is by far the best way for you to infuse your meat with a robust and truly authentic barbecue flavor. Plus, a barbecue smoker allows you to use different types of wood chips which grants you a much greater range of flavors that you can produce with your meat. People consistently report how much fun they have trying out different types of wood for their meat smoking, and this is something that you just can’t do with a regular grill. Not only that, but these barbecue smokers also have a water pan which is included in the design to help keep the meat moist as it cooks, and this also allows you to experiment with the flavors of liquids that you use in the water pan for an additional means of adding some subtle hints of flavor to your meats. In addition, if you really aren’t sure about completely giving up on your good friend Mr. Grill, then you can actually find models that include a combination of both grill and smoker for a flexible solution.

It is also important to note that there is a very wide variety of different models that are available, so you should never feel like you’re being trapped into buying one that’s simply out of your budget range. There are plenty of highly affordable models that you can buy now, use to master your meat smoking abilities and then step up to a more serious model later down the road once you get a little more wiggle room with your budget.

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