Tibres – Wood Grill Scraper – Safe BBQ Cleaner with Wooden Handle on All Types of Grills – Removes Burnt on Residue and Gets Grill Clean

Product Description
Wooden grill scraper from Tibres is a perfect choice for people who love barbecue and appreciate their safety.

Wood BBQ scraper with a wooden handle will keep you safe from grill heat and protect you from getting metal pieces in your food. Wooden end of the scraper protects expensive grill grate from scratches.

– Natural grill scraper is cross-functional; it fits any type of grill, suitable for personal use, restaurants and other public places, etc.
– Grill grate scraper is light and durable.
– Long wood handle keeps you far away from grill heat, shaped to fit your palm perfectly.
– Unlike metal grill brushes or metal cleaners, it doesn’t leave metal chips.
– 100% solid wood. It is a great alternative solution to plastic and metal scrapers.
– Wooden grill cleaner doesn’t scratch the grill grate, ensuring that the surface stays perfectly smooth.
– BBQ wood scraper cleans between the grates.
– Grill wood scraper has a hanging loop for comfortable storage among other tools.
– Wooden BBQ grill scraper is designed nicely.
– Wooden grill grate scraper is easy to clean.

– Heat up the grill.
– Swipe back and forward with the scraper’s sharp edge; Make sure that the grooving matches the grate.
– In a little while, your scraper grooving will match your grill perfectly.
– If the grooving at the end of the scraper doesn’t fit the grill shape, or if it becomes too deep after continuous usage, cut the end off with a saw. This way, you can use it repeatedly.

100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your natural BBQ grill scraper, we make a full refund upon your first request.

Price: $14.85

  • EASY-TO-USE – Perfect size and the light weight of the BBQ scraper with wood handle makes it very convenient.
  • SAFE – The scraper doesn’t leave metal shavings during use, unlike a wire grill brush or metal grill scraper. Pieces of metal wire won’t fall into food or on the body. Long wood handle keeps you far away from grill heat.
  • 100% ORGANIC – Wood grill cleaner is made of solid ash, natural, and eco-friendly material. No metal or plastic.
  • FOR ALL TYPES OF GRILL – Wooden BBQ scraper doesn’t leave scratches on the grill grate. Grill grate will remain in excellent condition.
  • REPEATS THE SHAPE OF THE GRILL GRATE – If after long use the grooves became too deep or are not the same with the grill grate, take the saw and cut the end of the scraper. This way, wood BBQ grill scraper will last longer.