Copper Chef Grill and Bake Mats (2 Pack)

Product Description
Are you sick of scraping and scouring char on your grill? Are you tired of your delicious fish filet sticking? Do your veggies always fall through the gaps in the grate? Discover the Copper Chef Grill Mat. It’s the incredible, nonstick grill mat that makes outdoor grilling faster, easier & stress-free. Forget charring & flare-ups. The Copper Chef Grill Mat ‘s state of the art construction distributes heat evenly over the entire surface. Your favorite BBQ meals are perfectly cooked every single time, while your grill stays clean. Professional-quality nonstick surface means burnt cheese and barbecue sauce slides right off – even fish never sticks. Grill and saute the smallest, chopped veggies. You never have to worry about anything falling through the bars. And don’t waste your baste anymore. Now sauces and marinades stay on your food and never drain down through the gaps. Plus you always get those gorgeous, appetizing grill marks everyone loves. When you’re done, just lift off. You never leave a charred mess on your grill. The Copper Chef Grill mat is reusable and reversible. Just wipe it off, pop it into the dishwasher and you’re ready to go again. Say good-bye to scrubbing and scraping that char off the grill!

Price: $7.30

  • Copper Chef Grill and Bake Mats ( 2 Pack)- 2 Small and 2 Large Mats
  • Heat Resistant up to 500°-Reduces Burning Food & Flare Ups
  • Chef-Grade Nonstick Coating – Nothing Sticks to the Mat- Grill Tech Design Cooks Food + Leaves Perfect Grill Marks Reversible & Reusable
  • Cuts Easily to Fit Any Size or Shape
  • Reduce Clean-Up Dishwasher Safe & Reusable