Covers For Weber Outdoor Barbecue Grills

The outer structure of most Weber outdoor barbecue grills is made of tempered stainless or porcelain-coated steel. These materials hold up well to the element of grilling. However, they are subject to wear and corrosion if not covered properly. Thus, Weber BBQ covers are important as they provide additional protection that keeps grills functioning perfectly and free from rust for years.

There are several universal or one general size of covers for all grills that are sold on stores to date. They are usually made from heavy canvas or nylon, and provide sufficient protection for Weber outdoor BBQ grills.

There are also custom made covers manufactured by Weber itself that is specially made for covering a certain model of grill. These covers typically allow wind to pass over the top and the bottom of the grills, making it hard to be swept away by strong winds.

If the cover loosely fits on the grill, you could place decorative patio rocks or bricks on the top of the cover and on the flat surfaces of the grill like side burners and fireboxes. This will keep gusts from blowing away the cover. You could also use a grommet gun to install metal rings and sewing metal grommets every ten inches along the bottom of the cover, where you could anchor the Weber BBQ cover on the grill.

The type of material plays a significant factor on the lifespan of Weber BBQ cover and how well it holds up protecting the grill beneath it. Choose a cover made of treated canvas or waterproof nylon. You could also spray it with waterproofing solution to strengthen the durability of the cover. You could purchase such solution from most camping and sporting goods shops.

Keep gas or charcoal Weber barbecue grills covered between each uses in order to prolong the lifespan of the grill. Always wait until the embers are completely burned out into cool ash, as well as to cool the metallic surface of the grill panels before putting on Weber BBQ cover. Covering grills with still-live coals inside or still-hot metallic surface can melt or set the grill cover ablaze if left behind.

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