What Can A Barbecue Smoker Handle?

Barbecue smokers are not just for smoking meat twrwntm. In fact, they might even be called “food smokers.” There are some differences between smoking meat and smoking other types of food, such as the amount of time that they are smoked and the types of wood used to generate smoke and flavor.

For example, if you are smoking vegetables, you probably want to use mesquite or seaweed as the source of the smoke. Mesquite gives you a light, sweet taste, and seaweed gives you a tangy flavor. You can also use either of these when smoking meat, as well as hickory, alder, pecan, black walnut and cherry, among others. It is not advisable to use alder pecan or cherry when smoking vegetables as the flavor can be overbearing.

All types of food can be smoked in food smokers. The secret is controlling the smoke, temperature and time. This has become easier today due to some of the newer technologies. Electric smokers have digital controls, while external smoke generators allow you to control the amount of smoke that flows into the barbecue smoker or barbecue grill.

Using an external smoke generator can give you the desired smoked flavor in foods without requiring a significant investment in a barbecue smoker. The generator allows you to smoke meats, cheeses, seafood and vegetables all on your own barbecue grill that you already own at home. You can even produce smoked beverages. (For example, rauschbier is a type of beer brewed with smoked malted barley, and the tea lapsang souchong is produced after smoking the leaves with pinewood flame.) The variety of food possibilities and wood flavors gives rise to an almost endless supply of taste combinations with which to experiment.

People who use electric barbecue smokers can choose different types of flavored wood to complement the foods they want to smoke while benefiting from electric smoker technology. If you decide to buy an electric smoker, you too can enjoy conveniences such as easily setting the temperature and controlling the level of smoke. Just make sure to set the timer as well, because if you are smoking meat and leave it in too long, it will be very tough, maybe too tough to eat.

No matter what you decide to smoke, remember that barbecuing is an art. If you don’t get it right the first time, try again. You might start your learning process with buying several small notebooks. Each time you smoke a new food, write down everything you do: temperature, time, type of wood, what kind of rub or seasoning, and whether you used a hot or cold process. Don’t forget to make some notes about the final result. Share your tasty creation with trusted friends and neighbors to round up their comments and criticisms. They will more than likely be happy to eat in exchange for some input on your smoking abilities. You probably won’t get it right the first time, so don’t give up.

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