Camp Fire Songs

It is true that there are several songs that seem to be campfire standards. Here are some camp fire song book gems that you may or may not be familiar with. They are excellent songs to include in your campfire singalong.


•    Home on the Range: Home on the Range is often considered the anthem of the Old West. I picture a group of cowboys or pioneers sitting around a campfire singing this song. It would have had to happen after the 1870s, because that is when it was written. A doctor, Brewster M. Higley, wrote the words. It was originally a poem called “My Western Home.” It was first published in December of 1873 in Kansas under the title “Oh, Give Me a Home Where the Buffalo Roam.” Higley later had a friend named Dan Kelley write music to go with the words. The song became popular and was sung by cowboys, pioneers and just about everybody knew the song. In 1947 it became the official state song of Kansas. When you sing this song, it brings into your mind a vision of what it must have been like in the old west; prairies of tall grass; deer, antelope, buffalo and other animals wandering; starry nights; clear blue skies during the day. Can you think of a more peaceful scene? When life gets hectic from work, family and other activities, this is a good simple song to sing to get away from it all, even if just for 30 seconds.

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Backyard Gas Fire Pit

Ever since ancient man discovered the benefits of fire, the fiery flames from wood, gas and other flammable substances have been a welcome presence in our homes. But there are dangers to fire, too, which can outweigh its benefits especially when used in and around the home’s premises. Fortunately, modern technology has provided homeowners with the choice of a backyard gas fire pit.

Designs Galore

Gas fire pits for the patio, decks and other outdoor areas come in hundreds of designs. You will definitely find a patio gas fire pit that will suit your design preferences, heating needs and space considerations in the same way as you did with your backyard gas fire pit. Your design choices include but are not limited to the following:

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Patio Fire Pit Set – What Is It? And Do I Need One?

When looking out into the back yard, do you see a waste land of unused open space that has not been tapped?  Or, is the backyard a perfectly groomed masterpiece with curved flower beds and green lush grass that does not get used but by your trusty dog or the neighbor’s cat?  Well get in and put on the seat belt cause that’s all going to change.  Fall is a coming and the outside temperature is going to drop to something called comfortable.  So let’s figure this out.

A patio fire pit set is a commercial term used in the preconditioning of you as a consumer to spend more money.  A set implies a non-singular item.  That means in retail talk let’s get them to buy more stuff. Now I know we need to support the economy to help American manufacturing and your locally owned business, but we do not need to get too carried away.  An outdoor patio fire pit is a place you can put wood with a little charcoal starter and have an almost instant blaze.  That right there is a step in the right direction.  You might want to have a place to sit down and get comfortable to enjoy your newly acquired skill of combustion.  This is where the word set comes in.  Chairs around something, this is not a novel concept. 

So we need something to sit on is OK.  What we sit on can be, well anything.  I have been known to turn over a five gallon bucket and be just fine.  Maybe we need to elevate the ambience so the wife and the neighbors will have a more enjoyable time watching your creation of flame and smoke.  Maybe we could use some already existing lawn chairs or an end of a picnic table. However you like it, or make your decisions to take pleasure in this conception of a raw nature experience is just fine. 

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