Electric Indoor Grill

Purchasing an electric indoor grill allows you to have a barbeque within your own home. This is great for times when it is too cold or rainy to venture outside for a cookout. You can cook things on them just like you would an outdoor grill. There are many things you need to look for when purchasing an indoor grill.

One thing you need to look for when purchasing an indoor grill is the size and features of the rack. There are grills that offer enough room for a single person, while others can provide food for an entire family all at the same time. Some grills also come with more than one rack so that you can cook different kinds of foods, such as sandwiches, meats, and pancakes. Some of the surfaces that come with an electric indoor grill can be used as the plate, meaning less clean up at meal times.

If you are looking for quick cooking, you may want to opt for a two sided electric indoor grill. These will also help the food to cook evenly. The better double sided grills are angled downward so that the grease can run out of the meat and down into a catching device. They can also be used to cook sandwiches, and can toast both slices of bread at the same time. There will not be any smoke with these types of grills, though a little steam may escape from between the sides as the food cooks. This kind of grill will usually only work with meats that are no more than one inch thick.

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Tips for Indoor Grilling

For most people, there are certain foods that simply taste better grilled. Unfortunately, unless you live in a tropical area, using your barbecue to grill outdoors is probably out of the question. Although food may not taste the same on an indoor grill, that is your best bet for enjoying your grilled chicken or steak year round. Years ago, indoor grills produced an immense amount of smoke, but luckily that is no longer the case. If you are in the market for a new indoor grill for your kitchen, check out stores like Chefs Catalog and StacksandStacks.

Choosing a Grilling Surface

There are many different types of indoor grills that are available. The most popular are a grill pan, contact grill and grill plate. Using an open grill plate is not recommended because there are gaps in between the burners that can cause the plate to heat unevenly. If you are only going to be grilling indoors once every couple of weeks, a pan should be fine. However, be sure to purchase a pan that has indentations on the bottom of the pan because that allows the ridges that are inside of the pan to get hotter. If you are someone who loves grilled food, a contact grill is probably your best bet. They can be a bit pricey, but you will get your money’s worth out of them in no time.

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