Why don’t play sand pit ball

This weekend in the club selection time, please take a long 1 clubs. If you think should use a 9 iron, please call 8 iron. Many players participated in the occupation occupation Pro-Am tournament will have noticed, amateur golfers most common mistakes, is not used long enough for the club. Wind, temperature and pitch conditions will affect the ball flight distance. Warm-up before the end, first decide which clubs make available the day of the ball flying 150 yards (excluding rolling distance), then other clubs and so on.

.B.  Non-essential low-cut ball is not hit

I used to teach students from 5 to 10 yards and cut low ball on the green. Now, I will give them a half-blood rodOr a fairway wood, should they use putting on the green. Batting position and putting the Ping G20 irons same stance, narrow, the position of the ball in position central,the spine angle is more high straight. This is the safest play, even serious mistakes, the ball will not be too far away from the hole.

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