Backyard BBQ

SH1561(3-pack) Stainless Steel Heat Plate, Burner Cover, and Flavorizer Bar Replacement for Gas Grill Model Backyard Grill BY13-101-001-11

Product Description
Stainless Steel Heat Plate Replacement for Gas Grill Models Backyard Grill BY13-101-001-11, Backyard BY14-101-001-01, Backyard BY16-101-002-05, Backyard GBC1329W, Backyard GBC1429WB, Backyard GBC1429W-C, Backyard GBC1429WDC, Backyard GBC1429WRC, Backyard GBC1403W-C, Backyard GBC-1403W, Uniflame GBC1329W, Uniflame GBC1403W, Uniflame GBC1429.

Price: $16.99

  • SH1561 Stainless Steel Heat Plate Replacement, Listing is for 3 heat plates
  • Fits Backyard Grill Models: BY13-101-001-11, BY14-101-001-01, BY16-101-002-05, GBC1329W, GBC1429WB, GBC1429W-C, GBC1429WDC, GBC1429WRC, GBC1403W-C, GBC-1403W
  • Fits Uniflame Grill Models: GBC1329W, GBC1403W, GBC1429
  • Dimensions: L13 1/16″ x W3 5/8″; Made of Stainless Steel
  • Make sure you measure the size of your original parts and compare with ours BEFORE you order