Backyard BBQ

Backyard BBQ: The Art of Smokology

Product Description
BACKYARD BBQ The Art of Smokology is in it’s Fourteenth Printing This book covers all the barbecue basics of Backyard Smoking, as taught in Chef McPeake’s barbecue classes. Hence the name: The Art of Smokology. From starting your fire, to buying, selecting, trimming and smoking meats. Also chapters covering terms, rub making, sauce making, brining and the proper procedures for smoking seafood. If you are looking for a smoking book to help you get started OR enhance your current smoking hobby, this is the book for you. Sure to cut your learning curve by 2 -3 years. Chef Richard has been teaching The Art of Smokology classes for over 12 years in the Kansas City Area and has been Awarded the American Culinary Federations Gold Medal Presidents Award for his Spirit in teaching and promoting BBQ!
If you are looking to learn how to make your own BBQ DRY Rub or Signature BBQ Sauce, this book will take you through the steps and information needed to create your own signature rub or Sauce!
Plus some of his favorite recipes like: Hell Fire Brisket , Sweet & Spicy Cherry Ribs, Duck Pastrami, Oriental Smoked Porkloin, Twice Smoked Pulled Pork, Take Your Breath BBQ Sauce, Passion BBQ Sauce, Mustard & Pepper Spiced Beef Tenderloin, Honey Maple Brine for Salmon, Honey Marinated Lobster Tails, Coconut Curried Scallops, Margarita Mop for Chicken,
Nawlins’ Butter Mop, Warm Jalapeno Corn Relish, Gazpacho Salsa, Zesty Backyard Baked Beans, Wisconsin Cheddar Potato Salad Jambalaya Rice
…………and much more! No stone is left unturn in this book

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