Backyard BBQ

Bar.b.q.s Replacement Stainless Steel Pipe Tube Burner for Gas Grill Model Backyard Grill, Backyard Classic Grill, Better Homes And Gardens grill, Uniflame grill

Product Description
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Price: $38.99

  • Stainless Steel Straight Pipe Tube Burner, Dimensions: 16 9/16 x 1″DIA; Material: Stainless Steel
  • Porcelain Steel Heat Plate, Dimensions 15″x 3 13/16″
  • Backyard Classic: BY13-101-001-12 BY14-101-001-02 BY14-101-001-099 BY15-101-001-02 GBC1440WRSB-C GBC1449-C GBC1449W-C GBC1449WBS-C GBC1449WRS-C GBC1461W GBC1462W-C; Backyard Classic Continued: GBC1555W-C GBC1562W-C
  • Better Homes And Gardens: BH13-101-099-01 BH14-101-099-01 BH14-101-099-06 BH15-101-099-02 GBC1362W GBC1562W
  • Uniflame: GBC1305W-U