Barbecue Tools For Grilling

There are a lot of barbecue tools utilized by both and amateur professional grillers to cook a wide variety of meats, vegetables and seafood over live coal properly. These specialized tools are often sold in sets, and it is utterly important to know what each tool does and how they shoud be used before you consider buying and using them on your grilling escapade.

Metal spatulas are important barbecue tools, most particularly when it comes to grilling burger patties, large fish or delicate meat cuts and seafood. The spatulas are made of stainless steel and have holes or indentions on its pan, which will grip the meat partly and allow you to flip them easily.

Many spatulas have wooden or thermoplastic grips or handles,so that the grillers hands are protected from getting burned. It is rather difficult for the griller to work without using a metal spatula.

Tongs are also one of the fundamental barbecue tools in grilling, as it allows you to pick up different sizes of items that a spatula cannot hold efficiently. This includes steaks and other large pieces of meat that might slide off from the pan of the spatula, or vegetables than need to be turned. Tongs should be made of heat resistant metal and flat at the ends, so there is an ample surface to grip the meat without tearing or puncturing it.

Basters, on the other hand, are barbecue tools in form of brushes that allow griller to paint oil, marinade or butter onto the meat being cooked. Basters are important to flavor the meat evenly without removing it on the grill, as well as they keep the meat oiled to keep it from burning. Basters have either wooden or heat resistant metal with fine bristles on the end.

Long two- or three-pronged forks are barbecue tools used by professional grillers to stab pieces or chunks of meat, flip them and check how close it is to being well-cooked. These forks have very sharp tines and are made out of heat resistant metal, designed to spread meats apart so that grillers can look through them to see the color of the meats.

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