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Simple Girl Sweet N’ Spicy BBQ Sauce 12oz – Low Sugar – With Molasses/Stevia – Gluten/Fat/MSG Free – Vegan – Compatible With Most Low Calorie Diets

Product Description

This Low Sugar Sweet N’ Spicy BBQ Sauce from Simple Girl is a delicious way to pay attention to your nutrition and healthy eating without compromising on flavor. The low sugar content – only 3 sugars/serving – of the Simple Girl Sweet N’ Spicy BBQ Sauce, means it is suitable for people keeping an eye on their sugar intake or following a low calorie diet or weight maintenance plan. This low calorie BBQ sauce is naturally sweetened with organic stevia and molasses which has multiple health benefits. Molasses is the natural by-product of regular sugar production. It’s packed with minerals and trace elements like: iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, chromium, phosphorous, plus more. This Simple Girl BBQ Sauce contains no artificial sweeteners or corn syrup either. This Sweet N’ Spicy BBQ Sauce has only 15 calories and 4 carbs/serving, 1/3 of the calories/sugars and carbs of most BBQ sauces, making it perfect for anyone watching their weight, following a low calorie diet or taking care to limit their sugar intake. It is compatible with most fat free, low calorie diet plans.

The Low Sugar Sweet N’ Spicy BBQ Sauce from Simple Girl is also 100% vegan friendly. When you use this low calorie vegan BBQ sauce, you are doing more than just paying attention to nutrition for healthy living; you are adding delicious flavor to your BBQs and more. It’s perfect as a sweet n’ spicy cooking or dipping sauce and goes with fresh vegetables and snacks like carrots, tomato, cucumber, spinach, cabbage, onion and celery – as well as a low sugar, low calorie marinade for vegetable, meat, seafood and tofu dishes. Give your favorite vegetable, meat, seafood and tofu dishes a delicious sweet n’ spicy flavor without having to worry about too many extra sugars, carbs or calories – stock up on your Simple Girl Sweet N’ Spicy BBQ Sauce today.

Price: $10.97

  • LOW SUGAR – Sweetened With Molasses/Organic Stevia – Only 3 Sugars/Serving – Contains No Artificial Sweeteners/Corn Syrup – Low Calorie BBQ Sauce
  • LOW CALORIE COUNT – Only 15 Calories + 4 Carbs/Serving – Has 1/3 of Calories/Sugars/Carbs of Most BBQ Sauces – Preservative/Gluten/Fat/MSG Free
  • VEGAN FRIENDLY – Makes Staying Healthy With Nutrition Fun and Easy – Low Calorie BBQ Sauce
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST LOW CALORIE DIETS – Including: Nutrimost – Omnitrition – Ideal Protein – Shape Reclaimed – Weight Watchers – Healthy BBQ Sauce
  • HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS – Has a Natural Sweet n Spicy Flavor – BBQ Sauce/Dipping Sauce/Cooking Sauce/Marinade