BBQ Sauces

The Rob Salamida Company Original State Fair Famous Cornell Style Chicken BBQ Sauce, 16 Ounce

Product Description
Unlike anything you’ve seen or tasted before, but maybe the best you’ll ever have! This is a legendary delicious sauce that has its roots, according to some locals, to Cornell University. We knew him to be Professor Bob Baker. He sold chicken barbeque every summer at the NY State Fair at a booth just a few yards down from Rob’s original Spiedie Stand. Many Volunteer Fire Departments use this for fund raising chicken barbeques. Used as a marinade and basting sauce, the chicken turns to a golden brown color as the flavor is infused by marinade drippings onto the hot flames. Chicken never tasted so good, and your neighbors will be led over to your patio or deck once the smoke aroma reaches their noses. One taste of this chicken would make even the Colonel lick his lips!

Price: $7.99

  • Made In United States