BBQ Smokers – 3 Types of Barbecues For Your Own Backyard

Barbecuing is a method of cooking meat that originated in the Southern States about 100 years ago. It basically involves cooking meat under a low temperature for a long period of time. Typically, the types of meat cooked with this method are of the pork and beef variety. Barbecued ribs, in particular, are a very tasty little dish. Up until very recently, BBQ smokers were massive machines that cost upwards of 10000 dollars. With the ever growing popularity of this type of food though, we’re seeing more and more BBQ smokers available for sale. Prices are coming down and units are getting small enough to fit into average sized backyards.

So where should one begin if they’re thinking about buying a BBQ for their home? Well, other than size and price, the biggest thing you need to decide on is the type of fuel that runs the unit. There are basically three choices here: Charcoal, Gas and Electric. All three types have good and bad features.

The most popular type of smoker is definitely fueled by charcoal. For a barbecue enthusiast, this is really the only way to go. These purists often scoff at the idea of using anything else, claiming that the charcoal enhances the taste of the meat. The one major drawback of using a charcoal unit is the fact that you need to use a lot of charcoal to properly smoke any meat. This can get quite pricey if you plan on cooking a lot of food.

The other two types of barbecues out there, electric and gas, are quite similar. They both allow you to easily control the temperature while cooking. This is great for beginners who aren’t completely comfortable with the idea of using charcoal to smoke meat. These units are generally less expensive than their charcoal counterparts as well.

If you’re interested in getting into the whole BBQ smoker scene, don’t hesitate! I recommended starting with a propane or electric unit and eventually graduate to the authentic charcoal smoker.

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