Comparing Weber Barbecue Grills

Weber-Stephen Products Co. produces state of the art charcoal and gas-powered barbecue grills for cooking outdoors. Weber charcoal grills are famous for their distinctive shape, which resembles a dome, and the gas grill models are in the conventional rectangular chassis made from heavy-duty stainless steel.

Weber also makes specialty barbecue grills for particular uses, such as for smoking meats, as well as some portable models for family picnics. And when it comes to comparing Weber grills, buying one is determined by the features that are needed based on cooking preferences.

Upon buying a Weber barbecue grill, first you have to decide on the type o fuel that you will be using, whether it is charcoal or gas. Weber kettle grills cook meat with charcoal or wood chips, and gas grills are powered by propane or natural gas. Weber kettle grills produce more authentic barbecue flavor and aroma than its gas counterpart. On the other hand, gas grills ignite rapidly and can be ready for cooking in less than ten minutes, while a charcoal grill takes about half an hour to heat up as the coals burn. But, gas grills can run out of fuel on unexpected occasions, which can result in inconvenience if you do not have a spare tank around.

Next, consider how often you will use the grill and what kind of food you will typically cook on it, as well as the quantity of pieces to be cooked simultaneously. This will be a major factor on determining the best size of the grill for you. Sizes of Weber barbecues are measured in square inches of the cooking surface. Professional cooks who enjoy full-scale barbecue meals should consider a Weber gas barbecue grill with side burners for sauce preparation, cooking vegetables, as well as for other side dishes. Gas-powered Weber barbecues come with storage cabinets below for storing tools for barbecue, spices, and other cooking supplies.

Then, ponder on the features of a Weber charcoal smoker, which can be a great help for grilling. This can be a good choice if you want to smoke large cuts of meat and grilling usual foodstuffs, such as hamburger patties, steaks and chops. However, these Weber barbecues for smoking meat have a smaller cooking surface area than regular Weber charcoal grills, which means less pieces offood can be cooked at once.

Lastly, if you will be travelling along with your grilling passion, then portable Weber barbecues can satisfy your needs. These portable Weber models are easy to set up and are as compact as possible that it can fit in the trunk of a car for travel.

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