Condiment Chilli Sauces

Ah England… thy rolling hills and green pastures, thy bangers and bacon butties with brown sauce! Brown sauce… one of the staple condiment any household needs in its fridge or cupboard to deserve the name of “home”. But what about chilli craving nutters out there, eh? What is currently available for those who want to find something that can be used as a condiment but also has got some kick to it?
Well let’s start with the basics: brown sauce or ketchup? Mr Vikki’s does a lovely chilli brown sauce that combines great flavours with a mild kick that will make you wonder how you ever coped without it. Mr Vikki’s Chilli Ketchup is just as good (if not more) and is a must have when having thick cut chips or a nice juicy burger! Chilli Queen’s brown sauce is radically different as it is spiced up with the wonderful flavour of Scotch Bonnets. Chilli Queen’s own version of ketchup is incredibly fresh-tasting, with a sweet aftertaste that lingers long after you have finished breakfast!
A sauce that makes us weak in the knees every time we use it as a dip is Mr Vikki’s Hot Coriander Sauce, not only because of the clever use of coriander and red habanero chillies but also because of its subtle mix of Indian spices that keeps you guessing. Talking about dips, you should try Cambridge Chilli Farm’s Sweet Chilli sauce.
Sweet chilli sauces are often a bit of a hit and miss but Cambridge Chilli Farm’s own version is incredible, especially since the kick comes from Scotch Bonnets. Mix it with mayonnaise to make a great dip for your dinner party or a spread for your ham sandwich! Dartmoor’s own Sweet Chilli Sauce is fantastic to cook with and definitely worth having with proper crunchy crisps! It is also great to use as a base for a homemade pizza or as a cooking sauce for a stir-fry and even fajitas!
Another wonderful concoction from Cambridge Chilli Farm is the Pineapple and Habanero Hot Sauce. Although not a sauce one would think of right away as a dip, this thick hot sauce is actually great when used with crakers or breadsticks, just as Blair’s Heat Habanero & Mango Sauce which is contained in an attractive glass flask which can always be re-used after you are finished with it!
It is hard choosing what chilli sauce to use as a dip or condiment these days as there are so many! Our selection of condiment chilli sauces at the Devil’s Garden has been carefully selected to reflect the everyday man’s habits and wants and we hope that you enjoy trying them as much as we have had fun selecting them!

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