Cook And Eat Outdoors

In Australia eating outdoors or ‘alfresco’ is the norm. They have the ideal climate most of the year but there is no reason why we shouldn’t all dine outside.

It makes eating fun for the kids, brings families together and makes meal times more of an event than something that needs to be done.

Barbecues, picnics, self service salads, finger buffets some of the favourites but why not eat your breakfast outside, especially on a lovely summers morning.

The first thing to consider of course must be the weather, some of us are lucky enough to have a quite consistent climate while others might have the risk of getting a bit wet.

Umbrellas and canopies come in hundreds of different types, shapes and sizes, permanent or removable to protect against the rain or the sun.

Decide where you want to create an outdoor area. First choose where to put it, depends on the size and shape of your garden. Close to the house on a patio where you can fit a retractable canopy or awning or in the middle of the garden on the grass with a paving stone path to it so fewer spills happen when carrying your food to the table. Maybe tucked into a special corner of the garden surrounded by bamboo or wooden screens or trellis with plants growing up them; very pretty.

Decide on the feel you want, romantic in an enclosed area surrounded by sweet smelling shrubs or open with plenty space for the kids to run around and open to all who want to join in.

Next what to cook your food on. The free-standing barbie of which there are many styles either charcoal or gas, cheating a bit but so much cleaner.

A brick or block barbeque are quite simple to build and is then a permanent feature and why not build in a small sink and bar area, almost like an outdoor kitchen and save the hassle of carrying the dirty dishes in to wash.

Then finally, somewhere to sit while you enjoy all that lovely food. If you have built your cooking area why not extend it around and build benches on both sides and put brightly coloured cushion seats and backrests. A wooden gazebo over the top and you have the perfect barbeque area.

A space heater for the chillier evenings and you are ready to go, prepared for any thing.

If you are not wanting anything so permanent. Most garden centres have many ranges in patio furniture, tables and chair sets in either wood or cast iron, wooden bench sets. Hammocks and swings to lounge around on after the feast.

You can discover more information about wooden picnic tables and garden furniture online, as discussed by Simon Barnett. This article may be used by any website publisher, though this resource box must always be included in full.

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