Different Types of Seasonings: Herbs, Spices, Salt, and Sauces

A delicious dish’s secret is on its seasonings. The use of seasonings in food may be age-old, but they are extremely helpful in bringing out the best taste in food. Take a look at the various types of food seasonings, some of which you have perhaps already used in your own kitchen.


Herbs come from the leaves of plants. These can either be used freshly picked from the garden or dried up. If you are planning to grow herbs in your garden, try to avoid the use of pesticide. Organic herbs are much healthier compared with those which have been grown and used with chemicals, such as fertilizers and pesticides. Some of the common herbs that give aroma and flavor for your dishes include basil, oregano, chives, parsley, mint, rosemary, sage, and thyme.


If herbs come from leaves of plants, spices come from the other parts of plants. This includes the roots, buds, bark, and dried fruit or seeds. Plants grown to become spices are usually discovered in warm, tropical regions, like Asia, Caribbean, Central America, and the Mediterranean. You are able to add a bit of kick to your dish through different types of spices like saffron, cloves, cumin, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper, curcuma longa, and ginger.


Most kinds of dishes require seasoning using salt. It is a staple condiment in dining tables. Salt is an item of evaporated sea water which comes in different compositions and types. The type of salt being used depends on the type of cuisine. For instance, black salt is frequently utilized in Indian cuisine, while gray salt is commonly discovered in French cuisine. Other types of sea salt can be discovered in Hawaiian and Italian regions and may also be utilized as part of a spice mix.


Aside from seasoning that comes in solid form, you may also use seasoning in a savory sauce form. This type of seasoning is generally produced with the use of herbs and spices diluted in water or other liquid condiments like soy sauce, vinegar, wine, and lemon juice. You will find different types of sauces based on purpose. You will be able to make dessert sauces with sweet flavor such as ganache or hot pepper sauce and satay sauce or hot bean sauce.

Other types of sauces include cream sauces like horseradish cream sauce. This type of cream sauce is made of grated horseradish, spices, and cream base. You can use horseradish cream sauce as a condiment for various types of vegetables such as potatoes, beets, parsnips, carrots, and more.

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