Electronic Smokers Smoke Less!

Many people are beginning to testify to the benefits they’re experiencing by smoking electronic cigarettes. Those who have switched from real tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes say there are many reasons to buy electronic cigarettes, and that this alternative to tobacco cigarettes has features that greatly outweigh the cons.

Those who now buy electronic cigarettes say that not only do they not smoke as much; they also feel healthier than they did while smoking tobacco cigarettes. Smokers say that they feel healthier overall and that things like having a ‘smoker’s cough’ have completely disappeared. Some that have switched over have pretty much all become large advocates for e- cigarettes, and remain adamant that “e-cigarettes” are safer than tobacco cigarettes, as they don’t have the same amounts of additives and harmful, dangerous carcinogens as there are in tobacco cigarettes.

So if this alternative to smoking works, why didn’t alternatives like nicotine inhalers or chewing gum work? The answer probably lies in the fact that e-cigarette smokers buy E-Juice. E-Juice is the liquid that is infused with nicotine, so when a person takes a puff of an electronic cigarette, that liquid goes through the cigarette’s atomizer and turns into a vapor that is inhaled by the smoker. When smokers buy E-Juice, they get to pick the strength of it, choosing how much nicotine is in it and what the flavor is. This is in great opposition to the bad taste of most gums that are used for quitting smoking, and no doubt it seems much cheaper to buy E-Juice than to buy the ridiculously expensive chewing gum that often doesn’t even work. Additionally, when smokers buy E-Juice it will last an amount of time that depends on how many puffs the smoker takes. Another reason why people buy electronic cigarettes more instead of other aids is because they get to continue mimicking the entire act of smoking, which is a relief to many cloud collaboration.

There are people that seem to endlessly talk about the cons of electronic cigarettes, but those that have got on board seem to have really good points about the cigarettes. One important thing to remember is that there really isn’t any proof yet as to what the long term effects of using nicotine are, but regardless, it’s obviously not as dangerous as the other 4,000 plus chemicals found in real tobacco cigarettes, and numbers alone seem enough to sway many.

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