Grill Mat, Yokamira Non-Stick BBQ Grill Mats, Set of 5 Barbecue Mat Durable, Heavy Duty, Reusable and Easy to Clean, FDA-Approved, PFOA Free, Size 13″ x 16″, Black Color

Product Description
Yokamira grill mat made from PTFE (PFOA Free) coated fabric, non-included PFOS and BPA, certified by the FDA Approved, 100% Non-Stick, please be assured purchase!!

How to use a Yokamira BBQ grill mat?
-After turning on your grill, or knocking down the fire, ensure that the metal grate is in position.

-Place a single mat over the grilling surface, or use two next to each other for larger grills. (The grill mat size:13 x 16 inch.)
TIPS:Our grill mats are resistant up to 500 degrees F, please do not use it when the temperature is over 500 degrees F.

-Do not layer, and maintain a single thickness. Either side of the mat may face up because they are totally reversible.

-Once the mat is in place, apply food and cook like normal, no oil or butter needed.
TIPS: As with other non-stick cookware, avoid using metal utensils as they may scratch and cause damage.

-Once cooking is finished, allow to cool, and then wash clean. Dry with a soft cloth, lay flat or roll up when not in use.Do not fold or crease mat while storing.

Price: $8.99

  • 100% PFOA-Free materials and premium PTFE Fiberglass coating, non-included PFOS, silicone or other dangerous chemicals! Certified as safe by the FDA Approved, 100% safe! You can enjoy a health grill party with your friends.
  • This cooking mat sits right over your grill grates preventing your food from falling through the cracks! You can grill small and delicate food that you never thought on this BBQ grill mat, such as fish, shrimp, vegetables, even bacon and eggs!
  • These barbecue pads are 0.01inch( 0.25mm) thick, which can be heated up and resist 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and they are 100% Non-Stick, easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • Yokamira outdoor BBQ grill mats as seen on tv works with all kinds of barbecue grill: natural gas grills, briquettes grills, smoker grills, charcoal grills, propane grills, copper grills, electric grills, Weber grills, Yoshi grills, Char-Broil grills, Big Green Egg grills, Traeger grills, Pellet grills, and so on.
  • Lifetime guarantee. If you do not satisfied with the item, no reason needed, just return it back for a 100% refund.