Charcoal Companion CC4120 Safe-Scrape Non-Bristle Grill Cleaning Tool

Product Description

Give your grill a custom clean. This wooden scraping paddle removes debris from grill grates, while the heat & pressure from cleaning slowly shape your paddle so that it fits the grate perfectly. The more you use it, the better it works.

DIRECTIONS: To scrape, hold by the handle & use the thin wooden edge to scrape away large debris from your grill grate. You may scrape grill while the grates are still hot; the heat will help to shape your paddle to fit the grates.

CARE: Hand wash with a mild dishwashing detergent, rinse, & dry immediately. Do not soak. Periodically apply mineral oil to moisturize wood.

WARNING: Do not leave unattended on or near a hot grill. Wooden paddle can be used on a hot grill.

Price: $14.99

  • To Scrape and Scrub Grill Grates
  • Made of Solid Hardwood
  • Scrapes Debris off of your Grill
  • Takes the Shape of your Grates for a Custom Fit
  • 5.4 in W x 0.9 in D x 17.3 in H