Grill Hog Cedar BBQ Grill Scraper – Full Size

Product Description
Metal grill brushes and scrapers leave behind dangerous broken bristles. The Grill Hog cleans your grill efficiently and with no risk of metal shards or wires getting stuck in your food! First Use Instructions: 1. Preheat Grill – to start the grooving process, ensure your grill is hot (high heat allows the grooves to form quickly). 2. Slide Back And Forth On Grill – Using slow firm pressure, pass the Grill Hog front to back on the hot grates. 3. Repeat – align the previously formed grooves to the grates ensuring that only ONE good set of grooves forms. Once grooves have formed, high heat is no longer necessary. No maintenance. No metal wires. Made in the USA. Cedar grill cleaner.

Price: $19.99

  • Made in the USA Using 1″ Thick Premium 100% Natural Western Red Cedar
  • Ergonomic Design And Smooth Radiused Edges For Easy And Comfortable Use
  • No More Dangerous Metal Bristles In Your Food, Mouth, and Gums
  • Contours To Your Unique Grill Grate On First Use (as seen in close-up picture)
  • Full Size Scraper for Single or Dual Hand Use | Hole in Handle for Hanging | Overall Length 18″