Grilling Planks Personalized Cedar Alder Pecan Hickory Handcrafted Grill Planks

Product Description
If you enjoy grilling and creating scrumptious meals for your friends and family, then this pack of TWO personalized grilling planks is perfect for you! Made from 100% handpicked organic hardwoods these wood grill planks are a MUST for any grill guru, and they add such incredible flavor to whatever dish is on the menu that day! We make our grilling planks 1/2″ thick so they can easily be used numerous times. Each plank measures 6 inches by 12 inches and sourced from sustainable forests.

For delicate foods such as Salmon and fish we recommend our pacific cedar planks. While for heartier meals such as chicken and beef try medium woods such as crisp cherry, sugar maple, or sweet pecan grilling planks. If you want to beef up the smokey flavor even more, try using Hickory, Texas Mesquite, or African Pearwood grilling planks.

They are extremely simple to use – just follow these easy directions:

1. One to two hours before grilling, soak grilling planks in wine, sake, cider, or water.
2. Arrange grilling planks on the grill in a single layer so they contact the grill grates.
3. Lay the meat on top of the planks of your choice.
4. Cook until your meat is done!
5. Enjoy!

With the Cedar planks, we recommend finishing your salmon with an equal part mixture of balsamic vinaigrette and honey! Marinate the salmon with this mixture for 30 minutes before placing them on the cedar planks. 5 minutes before they finish grilling, place a nice coat of this mixture on the salmon! It will create a nice caramelized crust across the salmon that will simply amaze of all of your family and friends!

Feel free to add custom laser engraved details to your planks for a unique wedding gift, or if you just want something special written on them! Just add the text to the optional customization field. If you need additional help or have other questions, please feel free to contact us! Thank you for shopping at The Practical Plankist!

Price: $21.95