GF Pro Silicone Heat Resistant Multi-Purpose Grilling Bbq Gloves for Cooking, Baking (GFPSG-BK)

Product Description
Always Burning your fingers on the BBQ? forever trying to remove a pan from the oven, or a Pot off the stove with your worn out tea towel only to end up running your fingers under the tap for 5 minutes to cool the burn! its time to throw out your old oven mitts once and for all! the GF Pro kitchen and grill gloves offers unparalleled protection! our gloves can withstand heat up to 450 degrees / 235 degrees! they are 100% waterproof, and covers your wrist, to keeps hands safe and dry. They are very lightweight and flexible with a no slip grip design to allow safe movement of Hot items – you can easily grab carved Hot juicy meats!!!! and never worry about staining or smell: even after long term use. Scent and smudge free! completely dishwasher safe, and incredibly easy to clean! bpa-free – 1 size fits all! features: cooking gloves heat resistant up to 450 degrees F waterproof and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup 100% recyclable silicone gloves that are FDA approved, BPA free, and eco friendly Stain and odor resistant, so no nasty smells patented no slip surface design 2 gloves per box that are easy to take on/off and lightweight. (One size fits most) note: the gloves are not designed for holding high temperature objects continuously. As they are made from bpa-free silicone with low thermal conductivity, they are ideal for food processing while for high temperature objects they could not keep cool for a long time.

Price: $8.99

  • Happy cooks agree that GF Pro silicone gloves are one of the best grill accessories they’ve ever used!
  • Heat resistant incredibly durable gloves can withstand heat up to 450 Degree / 235 Degree!
  • Waterproof and dishwasher safe so clean up will be a breeze. Great for cleaning hot grills and handling hot roasting pans, pizza stones, oven racks, and more!
  • Multi-purpose gloves for baking, bbq, cooking, opening hard to open cans/jars, handling critters or pets that might bite, and much more
  • Protect your hands against heat while cooking or bbqing lightweight, flexible – includes one pair of durable and BPA free, food Grade silicone grip glove