Grilling Techniques

First of all I would read the owner’s manual that came with the grill. Each grill is different. I have found over the years that is the first thing to do when buying a new appliance. It will give you lots of helpful hints and tips for working with your particular model.

Some people make the mistake of cooking everything on high and your manual should address this. Some things have to be cooked on high but I checked out the temperature of my grill with an oven thermometer and here is what I discovered:

Low is about 350 or so degrees
Medium is about 400 to 500
High is about 550 to 600 or 700 degrees.

My husband always wanted to grill everything on high but everything was burned to a crisp and I told him that was too high, he wouldn’t listen to me so I had to prove it to him with the thermometer. Now there are some things you will want to grill on high but you must keep an eye on it, because each grill is different.

Another important tip to remember is that fat causes fires. When you are dealing with a grill, you are basically working with a controlled fire. By trimming off visible fat from the meat you are cooking you are reducing the chances of flames flaring up and burning your food. My dad always kept a spray bottle of water on hand to keep rogue flames from messing up his grilling.

The best way to learn how to grill is to practice. Of course it is a good idea to read, watch, and learn as much as you can about grilling methods and tricks, but head knowledge will only get you so far. Like most things, you have to experience grilling in order to master the skill. That way you will see for yourself why you only flip food once or why hamburgers must be kept cold before they go on the grill. Whether you prefer charcoal or gas grilling is a cheap, easy, and convenient way to prepare your favorite dishes in a new way.

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