Highlight on Blair’s Hot Sauces

Blair’s hot sauces shot to fame pretty much as soon as they were created back in 1989, the most famous one being Blair’s Original Death Hot Sauce.

Blair’s Death Original Death Hot sauce is a chilli sauce made of red and orange habaneros, fresh cayenne, smashed garlic, chipotle, lime juice, cilantro and of course herbs and spices. With such great ingredients, it is easy to see why this chilli sauce from Blair’s got popular and stayed popular, Original Hot Sauce being now the base for most of his hot sauces.

At the lower end of the heat scale we can find Blair’s Sweet Death chilli sauce which is the perfect topper for chicken, fish, burgers or pizzas. The sweetness of this great Sweet Chilli Sauce from Blair’s comes from habaneros, mangoes and passionfruit, a real tropical treat!

Blair’s Jalapeno Death Hot Sauce finds itself nestled between Blair’s Sweet Death Hot Sauce and Blair’s Original Death Hot Sauce and is made out of, you’ve guessed it, jalapenos but also tomatillos, garlic topped off with Blue Agave Tequila that adds a little “je ne sais quoi” and makes this Pure Death chilli sauce from Blair’s very popular!

Getting hotter now with Blair’s Pure Death which only has four ingredients: orange habaneros, naga jolokia, vinegar and baked Hawaiian Red Salt. The delicate balance between each ingredient is what makes it such a delicious chilli sauce and one that Blair’s is very proud of!

Blair’s After Death Chilli Sauce is entering the realm of just silly hot sauces where the heat is scorching and the burn lasts. Blair’s After Death Hot Sauce was actually created at the start of the 90’s to ensure that patrons would leave the bar Blair was working in as a bartender! This delectable chilli sauce is made with red and orange habaneros, vinegar, fresh cayenne, smashed garlic, chipotle and of course chilli extract! Blair’s After Death Hot Sauce should be used sparingly though!

Blair’s Sudden Death Hot Sauce is probably our most loved chilli sauces from Blair’s although we can only use a small teaspoon at a time. Blair’s Sudden Death chilli sauce is made with habaneros, cayennes, salt, honey, garlic, lime juice, ginseng (intriguingly) and of course Blair’s beloved chilli extract! Essential in burgers and hot dogs!

At the top end of the scale we find Blair’s Mega Death Hot Sauce which was just created to make man suffer. This is close to molten lava and will definitely get you going! Blair’s Mega Death Hot Sauce actually has ingredients 500 hotter than your average jalapeno. If you’re chickening out you can always dilute it in a little bit of water!

And now to top it all: Blair’s Ultra Death Hot Sauce! This chilli sauce is for those with a death wish, those who want to end their days in Chilli Heaven. Here again Blair uses habaneros, cayennes, Serrano peppers, Jolokia peppers and chilli extract! So beware of Blair’s Ultra Death Chilli Sauce!

Blair’s has since developed two new chilli sauces that are truly delectable. First off is Blair’s Golden Death Hot Sauce which is awesome on chicken wings, quesadillas, fish and pizzas and pretty much anything you fancy! Blair uses the beloved Scotch Bonnet chilli pepper for flavour as well as mustard seeds and habanero. The heat is intense but not too harsh.

Last but not least is Blair’s Muerte Death Hot Sauce. As its name indicates, this chilli sauce is not to be taken lightly as it is made with 50% more habaneros than Blair’s Original Death Hot Sauce! As Blair’s says, it’s guaranteed to make you feel alive!

Ivor is the Director of The Devil’s Garden and an all round chilli geek, he loves everything spicy and his chilli plants are like children

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