Hog Roast

If youve never tried a Hog Roast before, you really dont know what you are missing. A succulent Hog Roast is the ideal accompaniment to any type of special occasion and it provides guests at the event with delicious food and a visual treat at the same time. Its become increasingly popular to hire a Hog Roast for large social gatherings where a full hog is roasted fresh as guests mingle and socialise. Served up on floury rolls, with a decent dollop of apple sauce, you cant beat the great taste of this savoury speciality. Catering companies supply everything thats needed to enjoy great tasting Hog Roasts. Their services include the food, spit and staff required to roast the pig to perfection.

Want specialist type of catering for your outdoor event? Give your guests a tasty treat and hire a Hog Roast.

How does it work?

Plan your indoor or outdoor event and you get to choose from a host of yummy menu options. The Hog Roast hire company arrives at your chosen venue and sets up the spit in plenty of time, ready to start cooking at the pre-arranged time. Cooked fresh over the spit, the Hog Roast is a spectacular sight.

Once the wonderful aroma of freshly cooked pig starts to waft through the air, your guests mouths will be watering. It takes a good few hours for the pig to cook thoroughly (depending on the size) and guests are served buffet style, where they help themselves to various accompaniments. A traditional Hog Roast is a fun feature at all sorts of events that require unique and highly entertaining catering options.

Arrange to have one of the Hog Roasts at your unique event. Guests will adore the gorgeous grub you serve.

Perfect for weddings

A Hog Roast provides the main source of food for the celebratory meal, or it could be served up later on in the evening instead of a finger buffet. Parties tend to be special occasions when a Hog Roast is served to the delight of the guests. Delicious cuts of meat, the crispiest of crackling and freshly baked baps all add to the enjoyment of a hard to resist Hog Roast.

Planning a party in the future? Have you thought about adding a Hog Roast to the menu? If you havent tried a scrumptious spit roasted pig before, youve missed out on something that is very special served straight from suppliers of Hog Roasts.

Bouncinghogsnbars.co.uk can provide your next Hog Roast. We aim to offer the best possible value for money combined with an unrivalled service. Visit us now for unique Hog Roasts.

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