Hot Sauce – An Overview

Chillies have been around for centuries but it’s only in the past 20 years that Great Britain started competing with hot sauces from the US that are themselves inspired by Mexican, Indian or Spanish culture.
When thinking of a hot sauce, most people will only have one word springing to mind: Tabasco. Although it has its uses there are so many more hot sauces for people to discover and enjoy. We have participated in many heated debates about what makes a great hot sauce and you can be sure that there is a perpetual Naga-Habanero-Scotch Bonnet discussion going on.
A hot sauce is of course mainly composed of chillies, vinegar and salt but many producers are now creating complex fruity or savoury blends to delight the senses. Take Chilli Pepper Pete for example. His Headhunter trilogy is well known for its innovativeness and flavour and with bestsellers such as Dragon’s Blood, Satan’s Shit or Dragon Slayer Hot Sauce, it is easy to see why this brand is most reputable in the UK.
The US started it all of course, with famous names such as Blair’s, Dave’s Gourmet, Mad Dog, Eaton’s and of course Cholula. Hot Headz who have been around for more than 10 years are great producers of hot sauces amongst which Bajun, Satan’s Sweat, Habanero Heaven and the notorious Who Dares Burns Hot Sauce of course!
UK producers of hot sauces that are up and coming and definitely ones to watch are Dartmoor Chilli Farm, Chilli Queen, Mr Vikki’s and Cambridge Chilli Farm who believe that flavour is as important as chilli heat. The Chilli Pepper Company and Firefoods are making headlines at the moment due to the Infinity Chilli and the Naga Viper getting world records for their potency. The Naga Viper Hot Sauce is flying off our shelves at the moment, as well as 10 Minute Burn Hot Sauce and the Limited Edition 15 Minute Burn “Pocket Rocket”.
Collector’s hot sauces are great gifts for any chilli heads especially around Christmas and birthdays. Chilli Pepper Pete’s Dragon’s Blood’s Batch 13 comes in a great cylinder packaging while Mad Dog Collector’s 357 and 357 Silver Edition hot sauces have a great bullet shaped keyring on offer. Dave’s Insanity Ghost Pepper Limited Edition comes in an impressive wooden coffin complete with yellow warning tape! If you want to go all out though just get your hands on Blair’s 2 AM or 3 AM collector’s hot sauce as these are signed by the big man himself!
So take a look at what the Devil’s Garden has got to offer, we can guarantee you will find something to suit your tastebuds and fiery cravings!

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