How to Make a Cold Smoker?

Before I tell you how to make a cold smoker let me brief you about cold smoking technique and its uses. In layman’s language cold smoke is smoke which is cold. But the immediate question you will ask me is, “How a cold smoke can be generated?”. The obvious answer to this will be smoke is generated by fire and it will be hot. If you think this is right then you are wrong. Cold smoking is a technique used to either preserve or give flavour to certain food items which cannot be cooked at a temperature greater than 100 degree Fahrenheit. The Spanish dish smoked Salmon and beefy jerk are some of the examples of smoked food. Such food items are generally not prepared in kitchen as they may stink the place. The first thing you need to do is search for a place where you can cook such as a shed or your patio.

Now let me explain you how to make a cold smoker. The easiest and the cheapest way to make a cold smoker is by a trash can. You need two bins, one being the hot smoker in which the hot smoke is generated and the other being a cold smoker where meat resides and is connected to the former through a hose. The other items that you may require are grill, duct adapter, duct take offs, duct collars, foil tape, bolts and washers, hose ducting and vent. Make a hole on the top of hot smoker and connect the adapter to it. To the adapter duct takeoffs are connected. These two are wrapped together with a foil which acts a sealant. With the help of tin snips another vent is made on the side of cold smoker and duct adapter is attached. The hose is then attached to the adapter in cold smoker and hence the passage for smoke is created. On the top of cold smoker a draft is created so that the smoke can be made to escape. A grill is also fixed just above the vent created on the side, inside the cold smoker. Fill the hot smoker with smoke chips and use a solder to light it. The equipment is now ready to use.

The main purpose of the cold smoke is to is to remove moisture through the draft that is dry the food rather than cook it. Beef jerky and smoked salmon require the above stated process to taste delicious and make your weekend memorable.

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