How To Take Outdoor Cooking To A New Level

With the rise in popularity of cooking shows, outdoor kitchens are making it possible for the average person to feel like the next Guy Fieri or Rachael Ray.  With the advancements in technology, just about everything that is possible in an indoor kitchen is possible outside as well. This includes microwaves, a full-service bar, ovens, refrigerators and yes, even keg-orators for the beer lovers. 

 If you don’t already have an outdoor kitchen and need a reason to convince your significant other, here’s a little fuel for your conversation:

 1) It increases the usable square footage of your house

2) It is great for entertaining

3) Florida, California and Arizona residents can use it all year long

4) It could help sell your home

 Many people are going above and beyond just the basic kitchen and creating outdoor living spaces filled with TVs, stereos, sofas and other furniture.  For large families or couples that just want more space, this is a smart way maximize your living area. 

 If you want your house to be the designated party house, an outdoor kitchen is a good start. Imagine hosting a dinner party under the stars or inviting the guys over to watch Monday night football without having to keep quiet because your kids sleeping upstairs.  There is a freedom that comes with your new kitchen that you will enjoy for years to come.

 For Florida, Arizona and other warm-weather residents, an outdoor kitchen is something that you can use any time of year.  During the colder months add a few heat lamps to the patio for extra warmth.  If that doesn’t keep you toasty enough, try an outdoor fireplace or electric heat systems.  The point is, while the rest of the country is buried in snow, you have the luxury of spending your nights outdoors without risk of losing a finger to frostbite.  Take advantage of it!

 In this difficult real estate market, prospective buyers are looking for amenities.  It’s a buyer’s market and your house needs to stand out from the crowd.  Adding an outdoor kitchen is a unique upgrade that not every house is going to have.  Also, most buyers are moving from the North or Midwest for the beautiful weather.  Anything that allows them to spend more time outside will be considered a very compelling feature.

 Do outdoor kitchens take outdoor cooking to the next level?  Definitely! Plus, it many say it makes food taste better.  Ever meet somebody who has complained about overcooked burgers while relaxing outside, watching the sunset?  Neither have we.

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