How To Use Charcoal Barbecue Grill

So you bought a new charcoal grill, and you know the basics on how to grill meat on it. But do you know how to make your meat perfectly grilled and tastes great? Here are some tips that will help you achieve that.

When building fire, put few coals to start with, add briquettes if it is windy and ignite them, when they are on fire, leave the lid off. Wait for about twenty minutes for the coals to turn red before putting the meat on the grill. Never use kerosene or gasoline to start the fire.

Before grilling, decide whether you are grilling directly or indirectly. With direct grilling, you put the grill rack over the heat and put the food on it. Foods that are good for direct grilling are steaks, burgers, kebabs and hot dogs; they are tender, small and thin foods that can be cooked in less than 30 minutes. To even out the heat, use long tongs to spread the burning coals under the food.

On the other hand, indirect grilling means putting the food on an area on the charcoal barbeque grill with no direct heat and the grill is covered while cooking. For whole birds, large roasts and ribs, indirect grilling is the better option because it will cook the food evenly and not burn the outside and still raw on the inside. For indirect grilling, arrange the coals on the half side of the grill and then placed the food on the other side. You can also put a drip pan, put the food in it and surround the drip pan with burning coals.

In grilling meat, fat will normally drip on the hot coals which may cause flare-ups. To control flare-ups, raise the charcoal barbeque grill rack, cover it and put spaces between the coals. If this will not work and flare-ups still happen, remove the food and spray the coals with water for it to subside.

To determine the temperature, put your hand over the coals and see how far you can keep it there. The longer time you can take means it is still on low heat and the shorter time, about two seconds means that it is ready for cooking. The best thing about charcoal barbeque grills is anyone can use them as long as they know the basics of grilling.

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