Maintenance Tips for your Backyard BBQ Grill

Article by Lynn Porter

A backyard BBQ grill is one of the most important pieces of equipment when it comes to cooking outdoors for family get-togethers and entertaining guests. In order to ensure the quality of the food and a great grilling experience, it is essential to properly maintain your BBQ grill which will also extend the life of your equipment giving you many years of enjoyment. In this guide on grill maintenance, you will learn some very useful tips and helpful tools that will allow you to easily maintain your backyard BBQ grill.

Cleaning and Maintaining BBQ Grill Grates

BBQ grill grates should always be cleaned with a wire grill brush immediately after every use as failing to do so will make it much harder to clean due to the hardening of stuck on food which can also contribute to the development of rust if it is left on for to long. Brushing the grill while it is still warm and before the food has the chance to harden will make this task much easier. After your racks have cooled you can then soak them by placing them in a bucket or container large enough to fit your racks and fill it with warm water and one quarter cup each of regular dish liquid and baking soda leaving them to soak for approximately one hour. If there are still particles left on the grates, you can use a steel wool pad to scrub off any remaining particles.

A piece of aluminum foil also works well for removing grime and buildup by balling it up and gently rubbing the foil over the wire racks. Once your grates are clean, lightly spraying them with cooking oil and then rubbing them down with a clean dry cloth will protect them from rust. Spraying your grill racks with cooking oil prior to grilling will also prevent foods from sticking and building up. The knobs and handles of your BBQ grill can also be cleaned and polished by scrubbing them lightly with baking soda. Dry backing soda can also be used to shine and polish your grill by sprinkling it on a soft damp cloth and lightly scrubbing the exterior parts which are made of chrome or stainless steel. The outside of your grill can be typically cleaned effectively with regular dish soap and warm water.

Protecting your Backyard BBQ Grill

The easiest way to protect your BBQ grill is by investing in a high quality grill cover that is capable of withstanding the elements if your grill is left outside. A grill cover will not only prevent your grill from rust, but will also keep dirt, dust, and insects from getting inside your grill. A grill cover should cover the entire top of the grill, be waterproof, fit tightly and be secured with adjustable straps to ensure that it remains in place and cannot be blown off in high winds. Purchasing a high quality backyard BBQ grill and following the tips for maintaining and protecting it will ensure optimal cooking performance and significantly increase its lifespan giving you many years of outdoor cooking pleasure.

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