Masterbuilt Smoker Electric

Immediately after the ceremony, the newly-ordained veterans were flown to Hawaii for a treat. I was the one in charge of the meals and refreshments. Knowing fully that majority of the veterans, especially those that served with me in the same battalion overwhelmingly preferred steak and smoked trout, it fell on me to provide a very reliable smoker that will not only do the job but do it well. Without much ado, my mind went straight to the Masterbuilt smoker electric. I always trusted Masterbuilt products.

The first time I learnt of this smoker was during my first year in the military academy. Our official chef then, a rotund Mr.Sachs would always prepare nicely-smoked fish for the soldiers. These pieces were heavenly and simply irresistible. However, Mr. Sachs kept the source of his ingenuity a closely-guarded secret and this generated a lot of excitement in our academy with some recruits trying unsuccessfully to unlock the secret of his gastronomic genius. The games of culinary hide and seek continued until he cooked for an air force general. The multi-winged general insisted on knowing the style, instrument or whatever apparatus he used in preparing such a wonderful meal. It was at this point that Mr. Sachs could not keep his secret any longer; he had to spill the beans. He confessed and his magician was the Masterbuilt smoker electric! I would graduate with that incident firmly embedded in my memory

Therefore, it was only natural that my first choice for the Hawaii party was the Masterbuilt smoker electric. The smoker purchased for some hundreds of dollars was black in colour with fine and shiny polishing, and it looked more like a cabinet than the automated chimney that it was. It also came with a very durable and easily pliable wood tray for the user. It even had a nice glass view of the grilling compartment just like some other Masterbuilt appliances. Its specifications were just what I needed to make our party a truly memorable one.

After gathering the fuel needed for the Masterbuilt smoker electric, which included plenty of mesquite sawdust and some hickory wood chippings, we were more than ready to bring the machine to life. The next stage included gathering all that we were to smoke- chicken wings, lamb fillings, beef steaks, fresh salmon and Newfoundland trout. One after the other, we loaded the Masterbuilt device with these intimidating accessories. Some of the officers were sceptical that the machine may produce too much smoke thus endangering those prone to asthma and other respiratory conditions. Some others who cared more for their stomachs expressed fears that the meat may be under smoked or worse still, over-smoked. At the end of the party however, all these were not confirmed. The Masterbuilt smoker electric really proved out to be a true master

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