Outdoor Grill Pads

It never fails, even when you are trying to be so careful, when you are grilling it is so easy to splatter sauce on the ground, spill the marinade or even have the grease cup overflow a little. None of which would matter if your grill were in a dedicated spot where stains and spills don’t really make a difference. You could put your grill on the lawn, but that doesn’t really work either, unless you have a perfectly manicured lawn with very even grass, and if that were the case, why would you want to put a grill on it? One way to avoid this potential mess is to get outdoor grill pads to protect the area where your grill goes.

Outdoor grill pads are made from a variety of materials; one company sells pads made of wood or recycled plastic, others are simply polyethylene or a rubber type material and the most popular brand is made of flexible fiber cement. While the plastic or rubber outdoor grill pads may be less expensive than the others, there are a couple reasons why they do not work as well. The most important thing to remember is that you cannot use the rubber mats with charcoal grills. The rubber is easy to clean, however, and easy to store when not in use.

The chemically treated wooden slat outdoor grill pads are attractive and functional, but will absorb the grease and stain, so they won’t keep the same look. If you are buying something just to protect the surface of your deck or patio and don’t mind that the covering ends up unattractive, the wood grill pad would be sufficient. The same company offers a grill pad made of slats of recycled plastic, TREX, that is more expensive than the wood, but it does clean up better, lasts longer and is ecologically friendly. These outdoor grill pads sit over your existing deck or you can use them to cover a patch of grass where your grill will stay. You can get them with the slats very close together or spaced apart. They do suggest placing them over gravel to keep grass or weeds from growing through the slats.

Another option are the outdoor grill pads made from flexible fiber cement. These outdoor grill pads are placed under the grill to protect a deck or patio from stains, sparks, barbecue sauce, marinades or other potential problems. But, unlike the other types of outdoor grill pads, these pads prevent any moisture from getting trapped between the surface and the pad, thereby preventing rotting wood or stained concrete. These outdoor grill pads come in a variety of colors and also can be special ordered with college or university logos. These are not only perfect for showing team pride at home but at tailgate parties.

These outdoor grill pads are perfect for protecting your wooden or concrete patio or deck and not only keep them looking nice but keeping your work area safe from inadvertent sparks or burning embers.

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