Outdoor Grills Are Weather Resistant And Adjustable

Outdoor grills are essential to the necessities and the spirit of outdoor occasions. There are circular models, known as fire rings that sit very close to the ground and hold up the grill cooking surface inside a metal, stabilized ring. Both standard ring-style grills, and ADA approved models for handicapped persons, are available.

There are also grills that look more like what we conceptualize a standard barbecue pit to look like. They feature a square or rectangular design that sit atop one or more poles that hold them up off the ground.

The bodies of these units are coated with special materials that will keep them from rusting. These protective coatings also resist heat and are made from non-toxic substances. Grill surfaces are typically steel or stainless steel.

ADA Accessible Fire Rings
Accessible Fire Rings are outdoor grills that have been rated ADA compliant. The grill measures a full 18 inch high and comes with 3 Spade anchors standard.

Adjustable Fire Ring Grills
These cooking grills feature a 300 sq. in. cooking grate that can be set to any 1 of 4 positions to accommodate different temperature requirements for different foods. The actual dimensions of the grill are 15 by 20 inches. Steel rods welded on 1 inch centers help form the cooking surface. The ring stands 6 inches high and measures 31 by 34 inches, and it has a reinforcing angle across the pit.

Pits can be anchored with tilt back staple anchors or spade anchors. Non-toxic, heat resistant, rust resistant black enamel coats the unit.

In- Ground Outdoor Grills for Commercial and Private Picnics and BBQ

We have all seen these grills at state parks, camp grounds, neighborhood family centers, and even in apartment complexes. The assembly consists of a square barbecue pit mounted on a pole mounts in either the ground or in concrete. The unit is made from galvanized metal and can either be coated in powder coat or factory galvanized finish. The grill is adjustable and also ideal for home residential use by private individuals.

For above ground mounting, use the 12 inch square surface mount base to support the barbeque grill.

Fire Rings Supported by Spade Anchors and Tilt Back Staples
This outdoor grill is coated with non-toxic, heat-resistant, rust-resistant enamel. It stands 7 inches high and measures 30 inches in diameter. Spade anchors are stakes that hold it in position. One-half inch diameter staple rods allow it to be tilted back after cooking for easy cleanup.

Models can also be ordered that feature an easy flip-up grate that operates on spring handles.

Gas Cooker Club Style Grill
This outdoor grill construction features heavy gauge metal tubing protected by a black powder coated finish. The large model measures 70 inches wide by 24 inches deep by 35 inches high. Two swivel casters make it easy to maneuver the grill, and two stationary casters make it stable and secure.

Cooking tools include 8 stainless steel Burners with controls, 4 stainless steel Drip Pans, and a total of 7.5 square feet of cooking space that heats to 850 degrees Fahrenheit.

A junior model is also available that is essential half as wide as the standard model. However, it features the same 7.5 square feet total cooking surface area.

Large Portable Charcoal Grill
This is a very simple outdoor grill design. It consists of a heavy duty metal tubing protected by a black powder coated finish. The 10 feet of cooking surface is made from a stainless steel grill that can be adjusted to a variety of heights to accommodate the temperature requirements of different kinds of meat and vegetables. This is ideal for large outdoor cook offs aiming to give crowds multiple menu options.

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