Portable Cooking Stove

A portable cooking stove is an essential part of any self-respecting outdoor enthusiast’s list of must-have equipment in his backpack. It is defined as a lightweight stove that can be used in outdoor locations such as the woods, mountains and meadows during camping trips. It is also useful in field hospitals, caterer venues and other locations where lugging around big stoves and gas tanks are impractical, to say the least. The first portable stoves were invented by Alexis Soyer in the 19th century. Today, there are many varieties of designs, applications and features that consumers can choose from. Choices include unpressurized and pressurized burners, gravity-fed and bottled stoves, and single or dual burner stoves. Many benefits can also be enjoyed from the use of these stoves of which the most important are discussed in this article. Light Load on the Backpack Even the largest portable cooking stove will be sufficiently compact to carry inside a backpack. Many will even boast of a folding design so that the entire stove can fit into a small space within the bag or the tent. Because of their compact design, portable stoves are relatively light in weight. Many stoves will even weigh as light as a half-kilo so much so that even a child can carry it to the camping ground. In the backpack, campers will not complain of the heavy weight of the cooking stove on their shoulders even after long treks. Safe, Easy and Effective Cooking in Outdoor Areas The main benefit of a portable cooking stove lies in the safety, ease and efficacy with which it can be used to prepare delicious dishes in remote locations. First, cooking over campfires with their large open flames is possible but it is not exactly the safest option. The skin on the hands and arms can get burned while trying to place food on the pan, not to mention that accidents like hot liquid spills can happen. With the use of a portable stove, cooking in the great outdoors is akin to cooking inside a kitchen. The fire can be controlled into low, medium and high heat, which is not easy with open campfires. The chances for accidents like skin burns and liquid spills are lower, not to mention that turning off the heat with a portable stove is easier than putting out a campfire. Second, cooking with a portable cooking stove is easier than with an open campfire. There is no waiting period between gathering the firewood and starting the fire to the right level in order to cook the food. With the portable stove, just turn the knob and voila! Beneficial fire comes out of the stove in a few seconds. For hungry campers, this is a blessing in more ways than one. Third, cooking with portable cooking stoves results in better results for food palatability and presentation. Since the heat can be controlled with the turn of a knob, there are lesser chances of undercooking and overcooking the food with the assumption being that the cook is an experienced one. It should also be noted that certain undercooked food items like meat can be harmful to health. Bacteria lurking in the meat can cause many types of diseases including food poisoning. The right choice in a portable cooking stove is essential for any camper, hiker and lover of the great outdoors. Get one today and enjoy its benefits.

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