Sauce In The Thai Cuisine

How many authentic Thai dishes have you tried I the past month? We’re not talking about something a friend cooked and she believed it came from a Thai inspired recipe. We are talking about authentic Thai food cooked just as it would by in private kitchens in Thailand. How many of those authentic Thai dishes have you tasted lately?

If you haven’t been exposed to a lot of authentic Thai dishes, you may not realize that the sauces used in each meal are a central part of the Thailand cuisine. A lot of the dishes cooked in this cuisine use very basic, natural ingredients readily found in the Thailand culture.

So, you have a lot of dishes based on chicken and fish with very few based on beef. There is a reason for this! Thailand is not a land full of beef and it is just not a food source that is commonly used. That is why authentic Thai dishes are more likely to focus on chicken or fish. Many meals are actually served with both of these proteins on the table at once.

The Common Denominator

The commonality between all varieties of Thai dishes is sauce. You can find a wide variety of meals all served up with different sauces. This is important because the sauce is where you get the intense flavor and aromatic qualities that Thai food is known to deliver.

While different sauces are served with different dishes, what brings them all together is the use of fresh, natural ingredients that infuse the sauce with flavor and scent. The use of natural sauce ingredients is important because it shows why Thai food is known to be one of the healthier cuisines in existence today.

The Scent of Sauce

You may not be someone who routinely smells their food as you eat, but you have to do that when you eat authentic Thai food. The many fresh, natural ingredients imbibe the food with incredible aroma that you will want to soak up as you put each bite into your mouth.

This scent comes largely from the use of sauce in the dish!

Of course, not every single Thai dish is going to have an incredible aroma, but those that use freshly prepared sauce often have an amazing scent that can be picked up on the moment the food hits the table. You can take your time with those foods and really enjoy every bite because it entertains more than just your taste buds.

Learning to Cook Thai

If you are interested in learning how to cook Thai food, you have to spend some time learning to make a variety of fresh sauces that can be served on different types of protein. This will allow you to give the foods you create an authentic flavor even if you aren’t strictly following an authentic Thai recipe.

The starting point for learning to cook Thai food is always eating Thai food. Find a local restaurant serving authentic Thai food and order a wide variety of meals. Taste the different flavors and take in the aroma of each dish. You can then use that information to make sure the meals you create taste and smell authentic.

Remember, sauce is very important in the Thai cuisine! Learn to make sauce if you want to make authentic Thai meals at home.