Smokers Versus Conventional Barbecues

Article by Fliss Hyett

Smokers as opposed to conventional barbecues, which is greatest?

We’re all acquainted with the traditional Gas Barbecue where food is cooked on a grill above hot coals.

However, if you’re trying to find anything a bit different, both in terms of the cooking approach and taste, you might want to look at a smoker.

Smokers have grown to be increasingly popular together with several models obtainable.

Producing a distinctive ‘smoked’ flavor, the textures and flavours produced by smoking are very different to conventional bbqs.

Smokers are especially best for smoking food such as cheese, a multitude of fish, particular cuts of beef, bacon, ham and also sausages.

In case you are weighing up whether or not to choose a conventional Gas Barbecue or a smoker, we’ve highlighted many of the benefits and drawbacks regarding smokers below.

But first, let’s look at what exactly smoking is and the way smokers function.

What is smoking?

Smoking is actually a cooking technique useful for flavouring, cooking or preserving food in smoke.

The actual smoke is usually manufactured by using wood and traditionally smoking was done simply by farmers and also huntsmen inside a engineered building referred to as a ‘smokehouse’.

Smoking provided a functional technique to preserve meat and fish in the days before refrigeration.

There are two primary methods for smoking food – ‘cold smoking’ and ‘hot smoking’.

Cold smoking will be carried out at temperatures below 100