Solaire Grills, Cooking Food Outdoors The Quick and Easy Way

Solaire grills are among the most popular outdoor grills available today mainly because of their use of infrared energy as a source of heat. With infrared energy being a very efficient way to cook food, Solaire grills can produce the same amount of heat as traditional grills in only half the time. The resultant high heat ensures juicier and more flavorful food than what traditional grills can provide. With a wide range of available Solaire infrared units and with grilling made more efficient than ever before, households can now enjoy the food and many other benefits of outdoor cooking on a regular basis, even during days when outdoor cooking isn’t what people would normally do.

Although invisible to the naked eye, infrared energy nonetheless produces as much heat as an open flame when applied properly. It allows heat to be spread evenly across a grilling surface, thus eliminating the possibility of hotspots that may be hazardous to cooking. Infrared energy excites the molecules within the food being grilled and the rapidly moving molecules cause friction, which in turn produces more heat. With heat coming from inside the food as well as from outside it, the food takes much less time to cook and the juices and the flavor are retained to make for a more pleasant outdoor eating experience. The efficient use of heat means that all of it goes to the food being cooked and stays there, making outdoor grilling possible even in the worst weather. Solaire grills can cook up a tasty meal in no time.

The different Solaire grills available can allow anyone to cook steaks, chops, seafood, and vegetables like a professional grill chef. A wide range of products ensures there is something for just about every outdoor grilling need. Built-in outdoor grills come in various sizes, from 27” grills for moderate grilling work to 56” grills for large groups of people. Each Solaire unit comes with stainless steel main burners, ceramic infrared U burners, rapid-start electronic ignition, stainless steel overall construction, warming rack and drip tray, and a limited lifetime warranty on the stainless steel parts. The components are all easily removable for cleaning.

For those who still want to grill their food the old-fashioned way because of their familiarity with the process, each Solaire unit may be fitted with the Infravection technology. Infravection allows all or half of the unit to grill food using the more traditional yet less efficient means of convection. Outdoor chefs may then be able to cook their food using both infrared and convection methods in the same grill at the same time. With varying temperature selections at their disposal, chefs have greater versatility in outdoor cooking.

There is also the Solaire Anywhere and Everywhere, the portable grill ideal for houses with small outdoor spaces and for people who want to enjoy their favorite flavorful grilled food even when they’re away from home. The Solaire Anywhere and Everywhere incorporates the same infrared heating process to produce the same succulent grilled food as the larger built-in units although it may not be configured for Infravection because of the limited space.

Solaire grills are great for cooking steaks, chops, seafood, and more. Not into Solaire grills? Then you might want to check out a Bubba Keg grill as a nice alternative.