Some Common Weber Barbecue Accessories

Weber-Stephen Products Co. is a well-known manufacturer of charcoal and gas barbecue grills, as well as its iconic Weber kettle charcoal barbecue grills. Weber also manufactures a complete set of grilling tools and accessories, such as scrapers, cooking racks, grilling forks and skewer sets, to complement your outdoor grilling experience.

In order to keep the grilling surface clean and free of any cooked-on food leftovers, Weber has designed a tool with grill brush and a scraper all together. Held with a handle made of sturdy wood, the heat is prevented from flowing towards your hand. These brush-scrapers are available in twelve-inch and eighteen-inch lengths. Also, each has a hanging loop made of leather to hook up such tool anywhere for convenience.

Weber also produces specialized aprons for grilling use to keep grease from spattering off your clothes. These aprons are made out of one hundred percent heat resistant cotton twill fabric in order to prevent the deterioration of the cloth from hot oils and juice, and feature an adjustable neck strap.

Time and temperature management is important on grilling meat. Unattended food on the grill could be a matter of burnt or undercooked meat. Weber has invented a digital pocket thermometer to monitor temperature of the grill, which is important on grilling larger pieces of meat. These Weber barbecue accessories come with a protective slip and clip, allowing people to carry them in their pockets.

Weber also manufactures a complete set of basic grilling tools which are designed for the convenience of novice grillers. These sets of ingenious Weber barbecue accessories are comprised of three extremely useful pieces of tools for grilling. Each set includes a pair of heat-resistant tongs, a durable grilling fork, and an all-around spatula, which are all made of heavy- steel.

Lastly, Weber has the right tools for people enjoying Persian kebabs. These sets of Weber barbecue accessories for grilling kebabs are comprised of six stainless steel skewers and a rack to set them on. Weber has designed such set to fit on all larger kettle charcoal grills and all gas barbecue grills for universal use.

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