How Chantix Works for Smokers

Despite the fact that people already know about the adverse effects of smoking, many are still addicted to cigarettes. They smoke not just because of addiction but because of various reasons such as obesity, stress, social status, and so many others. But by the time that they already feel that the nicotine is taking toll on their body, they started to look for ways on how they could cut back on the number of cigarettes they consume. Eventually, they want to get rid of smoking completely.

One of the options on how they could quit smoking is through the use of nicotine replacement or chantix. It is a kind of pill that does not have even a small amount of nicotine in it. How chantix works? The contents of the chantix bonds to the receptors of the nicotine located in the brain. Therefore, it would decrease one’s dependence on nicotine. At the same time, they would no longer crave for that smoke as well.

The dependency and the reason why they want to smoke again are all because of the dopamine – a chemical in the brain that makes people feel the pleasure. Once the dopamine is blocked by the Alpha4beta 2 present in chantix, the smoker will no longer feel that smoking is gratifying. And since there will be no more satisfaction when they smoke, they would eventually cut back on the number of cigarettes that they smoke everyday and would quit sooner or later.

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