Enjoy Outdoor Cooking with Excellent Charcoal and Gas Barbeque Sets

It’s great to have outdoor barbeque parties and enjoy delectable grilled meat with accompaniments. However, it’s also important to learn the basics of barbequing before attempting to host a party. You should have the proper equipment and a good choice of different meats to satisfy everybody’s palate.

Selecting the Right Barbeque Grill

A few decisions have to be taken before you purchase your BBQ set. There are charcoal and gas grills. People have different opinions on this. However, this is a personal choice. Whichever grill you choose it has its own benefits. Nevertheless, before purchasing a grill consider the following suggestions.
•  A good pre-assembled barbecue grill welded together perfectly will leave you with few hassles sooner or later.
•  The size of the grill should be well thought of before purchasing. A cooking space of 400 square inches will be sufficient for a big event.
•  Check out the warranty period offered for both charcoal and gas options. Gas grills have a longer period of warranty.
•  A gas BBQ is more convenient and you don’t need messy coals or lighter fluids. However, if you go for a grill made of cast iron, you can be sure it will retain heat better.
•  Finally, purchase a grill from a reputed company. Additionally, replacement parts should be available.

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How To Use Charcoal Barbecue Grill

So you bought a new charcoal grill, and you know the basics on how to grill meat on it. But do you know how to make your meat perfectly grilled and tastes great? Here are some tips that will help you achieve that.

When building fire, put few coals to start with, add briquettes if it is windy and ignite them, when they are on fire, leave the lid off. Wait for about twenty minutes for the coals to turn red before putting the meat on the grill. Never use kerosene or gasoline to start the fire.

Before grilling, decide whether you are grilling directly or indirectly. With direct grilling, you put the grill rack over the heat and put the food on it. Foods that are good for direct grilling are steaks, burgers, kebabs and hot dogs; they are tender, small and thin foods that can be cooked in less than 30 minutes. To even out the heat, use long tongs to spread the burning coals under the food.

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Outdoor Charcoal Grill Cooking Tips

One of the most popular items utilized for cooking outdoors is the outdoor charcoal grill for a variety of reasons including their affordability, the charcoal or smoked flavor it gives the food, and its versatility and portability when it comes to backyard grilling or taking them on camping trips or to tailgate parties. There are many factors when it comes to utilizing a charcoal grill successfully including the preparation of the food, the actual grilling process, and safety. Whether or not you new to the art of charcoal grilling, already own an outdoor charcoal grill, or are considering the purchase of one, these tips on charcoal grilling will ensure the success of your next outdoor barbeque.

Direct and Indirect Charcoal Grilling

The term “direct grilling” simply means grilling food on the rack directly over the heat while “indirect grilling” is grilling food without it being directly over the heat source. The decision on whether to use the direct or indirect grilling method should be based upon the type of food you are planning to cook. Smaller, tender or thinner cuts of meat such as hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage, steaks, boneless chicken breast, and fish should be grilled utilizing the direct heat grilling method. After the coals are hot, use a pair of tongs equipped with long handles to spread them evenly along the bottom of your charcoal grill ensuring that the area directly below where the food will be placed on the grill rack is covered.

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