Electronic Cigarettes are Pleasurable for Smokers and Non-smokers

The world of electronics has supplied us with countless products that many of use feel we could not do without: smart phones, digital cameras, and electronic medical devices are just a few. And now you can have an electronic cigarette, a device that lets smokers enjoy the pleasures of smoking without a mess, without smoke, and without disturbing non-smokers. And for those who want to quit smoking electronic cigarettes can be the key to quitting for good.

E-cigarettes are battery powered, and create a vapor that the user inhales and exhales just like with a regular cigarette. They may create a nicotine vapor, or they may use cartridges that do not use nicotine at all and instead use various flavours of vapor. The vapor base is usually vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol, both of which are found in numerous food products and have been consumed safely for years.

The benefits of e-cigarettes are plentiful:
•  They contain no tar, nor do they contain any of the other chemicals found in cigarettes
•  They do not stain your teeth or fingers
•  There is no cigarette smell to permeate your clothing, carpeting, drapes, or car interior
•  They produce no second-hand smoke
•  Any residual aroma created by an electronic cigarette quickly turns odourless once in the air
•  They can use non-nicotine vapors so you can “vape” without consuming nicotine at all
•  They look just like cigarettes

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Smokers and Non-Smokers Search For Where To Buy Electronic Cigarettes

Cigarette smokers all over the world started to pull their hair out a few years ago when so many governments began enacting strict non-smoking laws, making sure that every attempt was made in order to make smokers cut back on their cigarette smoking. It’s hard enough for a smoker of traditional tobacco cigarettes to quit smoking even if they want to, but if you basically force them into quitting, it can be a nightmare. So imagine the reaction of smokers when they were unable to light up basically everywhere they went.


However, electronic cigarettes suddenly stepped into the light, without needing a light, and saved the day for many smokers. Instead of worrying about not being able to smoke cigarettes, smokers began worrying about where to buy electronic cigarettes, and once smokers found where to buy electronic cigarettes, most were pleased to find a way they could keep on smoking without being asked to put it out. On an even more positive note, they were happy to discover that electronic cigarettes were considered a safer alternative to cigarettes, being made with far less chemicals than real cigarettes, and the nicotine filled liquid that gave electronic cigarettes their ‘smoke’, nicotine, and flavor, only contained one other chemical: propylene glycol, which helps an electrical cigarette take the liquid and turn it into vapor.

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Electronic Cigarettes Please Smokers and Non-Smokers Alike

If you’ve been a smoker for a long time, then you’ve probably felt at least some point or another that the negative effects of smoking have caught up with you and dramatically changed certain aspects of your life without you even fully acknowledging it. At some point, smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes will take their toll: some of the things in stores for many smokers include heart attacks, lung diseases, a lack of quality of life, the obvious smell on your clothes, hair, and furniture, as well as the fact that others are usually less than pleased if they smell your cigarette smoke since they hate the smell. There’s also the face that those around with you who are non-smokers are probably worried about what it’s doing to you as a person.


However, smokers and non-smokers alike can take a deep breath, and smokers will be able to do it with more ease. Since electronic cigarettes have hit the market hard, smokers of traditional tobacco cigarettes have began to buy starter e-cigarettes kits in order to see if electronic cigarettes will be easier on their bodies and not cause such a problem with others. Some smokers are even using electronic cigarettes as a way to stop smoking.

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