Considering a New Barbecue

Most people have their own preferences when it comes to cooking some people like to use a gas oven, some an electric oven, some people even prefer to cook everything in the microwave. This strong desire for a preferred cooking technique extends from the kitchen to the garden in the summer when it comes to cooking on the barbecue. The two main styles of barbecue are the traditional charcoal BBQ and the new kid on the block the gas BBQ. The barbecuing world is split between traditionalists who think it is worth the trouble to start and maintain a charcoal burner for the conventional taste and experience and those who believe that it is not worth the time and opt for the just as effective but easier gas burner.

Timing is of the Essence

First things first, fire! We all know this is one of the major draws for men and the barbecue, lighting the coals and watching them gently come up to temperature. Nurturing the coals all afternoon whilst having a drink and building the anticipation is part of the fun of having a barbecue. However, there are issues with this kind of heat! It can take a long time for the charcoal to reach their optimum temperature and then there is the danger that you will not get the food on the barbecue in time and it will not cook in the time left in the coals and that you will have to begin the process over again. Although this takes some expertise once mastered it can become part of the pleasure of the barbecuing process, the next step is learning when to put on the food so that it cooks just right.

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