Creating the Backyard Grilling Paradise

Nothing beats grabbing some steaks, lighting up the grill and enjoying some backyard grilling in the summer. While the kids play in the yard, you man the grill and prepare the perfect summer meal. But there’s always something you’d like to change or add to make it even better. Whether it’s installing outdoor cabinets to hide the grilling equipment or installing a complete outdoor kitchen, there are many things you can do to create your perfect backyard grilling paradise.

The first problem many grillers face is finding a place to put the meat and veggies. Some grills feature a small side table, but it’s never enough. A nice granite countertop and some weatherproof cabinets would solve the problem. With a countertop you can have all the food to be grilled ready and waiting. You can also use it to prep and cut your vegetables or to mix your marinades. In the cabinets you can store your grill tools along with your seasonings, the blender, plates and utensils for serving and whatever else you may need or want while grilling. You could even use them to hide your grill’s propane tank. To make your outdoor kitchen even nicer, why not ditch the stand-alone grill and build one into the countertop?

While this is a good start, what else could you add to make your set-up even better? Rather than having to go inside to grab a cold one, why not install a mini-fridge below the countertop? There you could store cold beverages and condiments or toppings like cheese for the burgers. You could also keep your vegetables fresh, as well as any salads or other cold items that you’ve prepared for dinner. What about when you need to wash vegetables or your hands if they get messy? Consider installing a small prep sink in the countertop.

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