The Outdoor BBQ Grills of Your Dreams!

In the past many outdoor bbq grills looked and functioned in a similar way. They had large colored kettle shaped lids and were rolled into the corner on the patio. Everyone in the neighborhood had one.

Luckily today we have many options made available too us when searching or buying outdoor bbq grills. It’s not only the size and design of the bbq grills but also the cooking features and the options are varied as well.

One of the major reasons for the new design and look of outdoor bbq grills was safety. The large cumbersome kettle shaped domes had their handle in the middle. This required you to reach over and across the hot bbq grill to grab hold of the handle to open the lid. Modern day outdoor bbq grills have their handle placed on the front. This makes it easier to open the top without the risk of an injury.

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