Essential Cooking Equipment & Methods For Camp Cooking

1. Food tent: the food tent must have a floor. You shouldn’t keep food in cabins because it attracts critters.

2. Cooking equipment: You will require mixing spoons and bowls, measuring spoons and cups, long-handled forks, wire whisk, serving dishes and utensils, tongs, pancake turners, paring knives, vegetable peelers, can opener, frying pans, pitchers, heavy-duty foil, matches, Dutch ovens, charcoal starter, griddles, large kettle for boiling water, ice chests, propane stove, newspaper, charcoal, grill, table cloths, hot pads and work gloves, baking sod and rubber gloves.

3. Cleaning equipment: you will require scouring pads, dish towels, dish pans, soap, garbage bags, baggies,containers for leftovers, paper towels, hand soap, water containers/bucket, hose, Clorox and rags.

4. Miscellaneous: it is handy to also include a first aid kit, extra blankets, lantern and batteries or fuel, cover for woodpile, shovel, rake, broom, hatchet, axe, saw, clothesline and pins, rope or twine, toilet paper, rainy day activities. You may want to bring a banquet table or two and some folding chairs to use for eating.

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