Electric Cigarettes – Every Smoker?s Dream

From far away, you’d never be able to tell the difference. It’s only when you’re up close that you realize that you’re looking at a ‘fake’ cigarette. Upon closer inspection though, you’ll see that the cigarette is hard, and that you don’t smell a cigarette odor at all in the slightest. What have you layed eyes on? Is it simply just some kind of theatre or film prop?

Not at all, they’re electric cigarettes, and they’ve become a huge replacement for traditional tobacco cigarettes. They’re quite revolutionary, as they offer people a chance to choose something that’s healthier for them than real cigarettes while still being able to ingest nicotine without having to chew nicotine gum or wear a nicotine patch, and those things can only be done for a certain amount of time, they can’t be done for a long period of time and are intended to be smoking cessation products. Electric cigarettes can be used for a lifetime, and all it takes really is an initial investment of refillable electronic cigarettes and one is basically set, unlike with real cigarettes that have to be bought on usually a daily basis. Refillable electronic cigarettes are every smoker’s dream: a person simply has to buy the device, keep an eye on how low the e-liquid is getting, and then refill it whenever it’s getting low. That’s just about as complicated as buying a pack of cigarettes, if not simpler!

In addition to being healthier because electric cigarettes don’t have the tar and dangerous chemicals that real ones do, many e-smokers also claim that using a refillable electronic cigarette helps by saving them money. This is because of the way a smoker has a craving for cigarettes: when they have a craving for nicotine, they generally pull out a whole cigarette and smoke the whole thing, they don’t just take a few puffs and put it out. With refillable electronic cigarettes though, the smoker can take a few puffs of the cigarette to get their nicotine fix, and then lay it down. A smoker ends up consuming less e-liquid than when they smoke tobacco cigarettes, because they just get into the habit of smoking an entire cigarette and thus going through packs quicker. When a smoker just has to keep an eye on the amount of e-liquid they’re using, it also makes their lives much easier.

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