Backyard Fireplaces

There are lots of evenings when the warmth and flicker of light given by a fireplace built into your patio or deck would add enjoyment to your outdoor gatherings.

When incorporating outdoor fireplaces into your patio area, there are several safety issues to consider. So take your time deciding where to build one. Usually, the best location is along the edge of the deck, on the side farthest away from the house.

Obviously, it will need a chimney, and you should be careful to burn things that will NOT throw off little embers which can be carried through the air while still hot. Avoid materials such as cardboard, newspapers, and other items which can float on air when burned.  A chimney cover is a good safety item, and relatively inexpensive.

Most commonly-found woods will be perfectly safe. But if you have your fireplace next to a wood deck, you will need a screen to keep “popping” embers from coming out onto the deck.  This is the most important consideration when thinking about installing a fireplace near your deck.  It’s a good idea to first extend a metal or stone hearth in front of the fireplace to catch any embers.

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